Robert Fields Jr. Music CD's

Here are some CD's that Robert Fields Jr. has available for sale with the option to listen before you buy:

Time to Meditate

Time to Meditate is peaceful musical journey, recorded at Piano Solos Studio containing three guided meditations and six instrumentals. It's time to be still and take a short meditational experience. Recorded for those who need a little peace in their lives. Love and light, Robert Fields Jr.


Oh Holy Night

Oh Holy Night performed by Robert Fields Jr.

A Peaceful Christmas

Christmas songs recorded on the Roland XV88. All selections are performed in a slow and peaceful tempo. It's a great way to hear your favorite Christmas songs and still be relaxed during the season.

Little Gifts

This is My Easy Listening CD to play from Thanksgiving thru New Year's day. I realized that every Holiday time I would feel stressed out and forgetting to feel the Joy and Blessing of the season. So I came up with the idea of having a CD for de-stressing. Just reminders to laugh, smile, and relax. These were performed with a few of my friends who did the voice over to my music. They are short 5 minute pieces you can listen to when driving around shopping or at home. Relax and enjoy!

Piano Dreams

Performed on a Roland XV88. To me these wonderful compositions are as if the piano is dreaming songs, and I happen to be listening in. Mostly, they are on a meditative path.

Ivory Lullabies

Ivory Lullabies is a collection of soothing gentle piano solos to be listened to at a low soothing volume. They are simple songs, almost childlike in their innocence, and can be used as music to help you fall asleep, or casually listened to. Their beauty is in their simplicity! I think it's nice to have music that can be a gentle friend who is always there for you.

Live at the Sunset

Live at the Sunset was recorded live at the Sunset Room in Hacienda Heights, CA, the weekend before September 11, 2001 and the weekend after September 11, 2001. I was playing my club date and archiving my live sound. What I heard on my DAT recording was pretty good so I made a CD form the tracks. It's like you're at a live club date... hearing me do my thing on the Roland XV88 keyboard and having lots of fun. It's a party CD.

Havin' Fun With The Standards

Havin' Fun with the Standards is just me on the grand piano having lots of fun playing standard tunes. The mood is like musically throwing caution to the wind. The results are just fun to play and fun to listen to. I start out kind of wild and free, and end up very peaceful. Like a fun vacation on the piano.

Standards for Children

These are piano and vocal versions of classic American standard songs. I have been playing the piano at Nordstrom's stores and little children and babies in their strollers would be amazed at the sound of the grand piano as I played songs like As Time Goes By, and It Had to Be You. So I thought it would be wonderful to record a CD of standards for them to listen to. I played them slowly and peacefully sang them. Kind of like lullaby's... This is a great CD for the parents and grand parents to play for them while babysitting. It's a great way to let them spend a wonderful time together.

Just For Fun

Electric Piano Synth and Guitar Compositions I did betwen 1991 and 1997.

Piano Solos

Original Piano Solos I have been recording since 1985. They are like little movie themes to the background of your life. These Piano Solos will relax, inspire and enlighten your human spirit.


The Hearts CD is a mellow collection of favorite pop songs played on the Roland XV88. I used a modified Fender Rhodes sound and played in a meditative peaceful mood. This CD goes well in the background for relaxing listening. Turn the lights down low and mellow out... I water colored the cover to reflect a childlike scene of music love and birds floating in a made up world of peace.