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Welcome to the Official "Robert Fields Piano Solos" website.Robert Fields Jr.was born in El Paso, Texas in May of 1951 but he grew up in the Orange County area. His education consists of Cypress College and Long Beach State B.A.Robert Fields Jr.started playing the piano in 1965, which gives him 36 years of experience under his belt.Robert Fields Jr.makes his living playing a wide variety of pop music in Southern California and he also teaches how to improvise pop music on the Piano.

Robert Fields Jr.performs at “Common Ground‿which is a spiritual community in Tustin, CA. and has also been playing the piano at Nordstrom’s since 1998.Robert Fields currently working on some more piano solo recordings which will be added to the website in the near future. Here you will findRobert Fields Jr.’soriginal Grand Piano solo compositions that he has been writing and recording for over thirty years. They Consist of a wide variety of music styles, but primarily gravitate around a simple easy listening mood. Some ofRobert Fields Jr.’smusical influences are Eric Satie, Chopin, J.S Bach, George Winston, Hank Williams, Jerry Lee Lewis and The Beatles.Robert Fields also an artist and has been water coloring since 1991. He finds that it helps him to relax and let the creative spirit flow in a healing way.Robert Fields Jr.always says “It’s good to be able to enjoy life and be creative at the same time.‿/p>

Please take some time and browse the website to learn more about whatRobert Fields Jr.loves to do. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free tocontactRobert Fields Jr.or send him a message viaemail. To listen to some ofRobert Fields Jr.’smusic, click on themedialink.

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